The Wash Project is an ongoing performative film project.

I am looking at ways in which objects can become repositories for time and temporal experience, both filmically and sonically. I am interested in the oscillation between 3 and 4 dimensions that occurs with such objects as a reel of 16mm film, a reel of ferric audio tape.

I have hand-woven a fishing net out of 1/4" audiotape. I took this with me on a recent ECCO residency with the Guildhall School of Music and Drama to Berefet, in Gambia. We used the fishing net on a pair of fishing boats in a tributary of the river Gambia, which had slightly saline water. The salt in the water degraded the ferric surface of the audiotape, leaving patches of rust.

I filmed the expedition on 16mm film. I am in the process of unpicking the fishing net, and the degraded tape will be used as the magnetic soundtrack to the edited footage.

This project will manifest itself through several permutations, the first of which is available to view here. This is a silent digitised edit of the 16mm footage made for projection alongside performance by musicians of works composed in Gambia.

Watch this space for further information about the Wash Project!