In the summer of 2005 I was invited to Cork, Ireland, as a part of the
European Capital of Culture year. I worked in an old Guesthouse that
the artists' collective had acquired. I was given free rein in the whole
house, but chose to work in a small room off one of the bathrooms,
simply because it had no obvious function and I found it intriguing.
I decided to give it some sense of the history in which the whole house was steeped, but in order to do so I felt I had to find out what it had been used for. Nobody knew, so I wrote a very long list of possibilities. I then turned private investigator and found evidence in photographs across the city for each of these possibilities.

Using a small window between the bathroom and the room I had chosen, I transcribed the list onto the wall, placed each photograph over the corresponding item on the list, and linked it to the actual list, which was hanging next door.