In July 2008 I graduated from the Royal College of Art as part of the
Communication Art and Design MA. Here are examples from my degree
show work.

x= -(sin t); y= -(cos t); z= -t (downward spiral)

Digital video, 6 minutes.
Sound by Thomas Stone.

This film was originally commissioned for display on the internet. It led me to think about the difficulty of trying to get a point across in cyberspace, and the way in which our exposure as a population to moving image has increased in volumes over the rise of the home computer. It is meant to be displayed on a computer screen, rather small, and with sound a little too quiet to be distinct.

I was making research about aphasia for this film. Aphasia is a neurological disorder caused by damage to an area of the brain usually above the left ear (either by head injury or, more commonly, stroke). It affects language comprehension and production. In some manifestations it can leave the sufferer able to understand spoken language, understand questions being posed, and believe they are making a coherent and considered response, whereas in actual fact what comes out of their mouth is incomprehensible, a mixture of invented and misplaced words, a breakdown of grammar.

View film here