'Like there's no tomorrow' was a solo show in the Sassoon Gallery, Peckham,
February 2006. I had an old upright piano that I was interested in
taking apart. The work was concerned with the layers of time and lived
experience that build up inside old instruments and furniture. (As
I was dismantling it, I discovered notes written on the back of 1940's music
manuscripts, and handwritten numbers on the undersides of the keys).

I was interested in exposing hidden history, and wanted to make this temporal dimension visible.

I took the piano apart, taking a photograph after each piece was removed and making a hand written list of 'instructions' as to how to take a piano apart in the same way I had. This involved the invention of a lot of words on my part, as I don't have the knowledge of the names of the internal components.

This erosion of the piano happened by slow degrees, and I was left with a list, a stop-frame animation and lots of bits of piano.

I arranged them in length order, skeletal like museum pieces.

If you followed the instructions backwards, you could rebuild it.

film coming soon