The trajectory: “Early one morning” disappears.

1.Define terms. What would it mean to disappear?

2.A possible joint research structurePhysics and Philosophy

3.Why “Early One Morning?”
-Modernist/ Structuralist
-Masculine (“Seminal”)
-Rising, Creating, Dawn, Birth, Growth

4.The horror of creationShelley’s Frankenstein, Clones, The lack of boundaries between the individual and the populace/ creation
5.The lack of physical materials left for productsmoral implications of creating ‘new’ things
-open source product design (spimes)
-cyber punk man
6.The silence and peace of total annihilation
–research into patterns of amnesia and dementia
–annihilation as the renouncement of resistance, giving up the assertion of a perceived boundary between self and exterior/other
a sigh of relief
7.TeleportationQUANTUM LEAP
8.Considerations of process – can you have a process without a product? i.e. what is the nature of a process that is reductive rather than additive? (Can you work towards annihilation?)
9.Existence as depth:
–a 3D object is an infinite number of 2D planes
–The art object asserts depth.
–It is to be read, and read IN to (it should have physical and intellectual depth)
–It is presented as a set of co-ordinates to itself

10.Practical issues: the intangible is much easier to dissipate than the tangible – you can change your mind
11.THE BACKWARDS SPIME – a conduit for subtractivity
-i.e. scan the sculpture, upload it and watch it slowly disappear.
-How far can you push the claim that a 3D scan/ computer model, is actually the same thing as the object, rather than a copy or a print or a likeness? Plato’s cave might come in handy?
-How can we create a system whereby online users can dismantle the work entirely?
12.The work is a bridge between 1970’s conceptualism and today’s – a humpback bridge that had ascendancy and is now, with the exhaustion of materials in which to make ideas manifest, in the decline and mapping (‘Co-ordinates to itself’) A set of cultural artefacts to be used as waymarkers/milestones:
-Hansel and Gretel’s trail of breadcrumbs as the route to annihilation.
-Stephen Hawking tracking the route into a black hole through the event horizon.
-‘Road to Nowhere’ – Talking Heads
-Cultural archetypes of absence – Jason’s golden fleece/ the holy grail – the reappropriation of the holy grail through the ages shows it to be an important cultural meme. Absence has a history and a path.

14. Blackout and corresponding military decoys in marshland etc. Making cities disappear and reappear.